This joint ring is made of sterling silver and set with clear round cut crystals. There are over 400 crystals in the entire ring and all of them contribute to the total to 8.00 ctw.

    The ring is designed to be worn on one finger, it has joints installed on the main middle part and this way the ring is able to bend with the finger.  It also has two shanks, the larger shank is size 8 1/4 but can be resized as appropriate., but it could be easily resized to desired finger size. The other shank is split for simple adjustment and doesn't require sizing and soldering.

    This ring is 2 1/4 inches tall and can be worn on any finger with the exception of the thumb. It is definitely a statement piece of jewelry, one of a kind.

    This one is actually a prototype, it was made in our workshop, so if you  request more than one, just please let me know.